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Who doesn’t love to go on a trip to the bowling alley and spend some time with your pals? On January 30, we recently took a few of our residents to the local Bowlero for a fun outing, where they were able to spend some quality time with one another in a community setting and challenge each other to some friendly competition while having a blast! Taking our residents out into the community and participating in social activities is influential for their overall wellbeing, which is why we emphasize our activities programs here at Mountain Vista.

One of our residents that attended the bowling outing spoke up on why she feels socialization is beneficial to her own physical and mental well-being. She expressed, “When I get the chance to go on an outing here at Mountain Vista, I feel like an active community member. On the bowling trip, I was able to socialize with individuals in our community and see people from all walks of life. It gives me a deep sense of meaning and purpose.” This resident also mentioned how her socialization levels are interconnected with her physical, mental, and cognitive well-being. “When I socialize with others it gives me the chance to be more physically active, learn about others life experiences, and even keep my mind busy. I feel like socializing has allowed me to be more cognitively active, which is crucial for my health.” 

Through our scheduled activities and outings that take place here at Mountain Vista, we aim to improve all aspects of well-being, including social health. Our scheduled activities and outings, such as the recent excursion to the bowling alley, are beneficial for our residents in so many ways. Not only are they fun, but they also foster meaningful connections and promote the overall health of our residents. It sounds like going bowling is right up our alley! 

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Mountain Vista Senior Living Community Health Center in Wheat Ridge was recently ranked third in Colorado as part of “America’s Best Nursing Homes 2024” by Newsweek Magazine. The following is an excerpt from that article:

Families across the nation entrust nursing homes with the health and dignity of their loved ones. Finding the right facility is not just about numbers; it’s about ensuring your family member receives the care and attention they deserve.

To support families as they consider their options, Newsweek has partnered with respected global data research firm Statista to create our third annual ranking of America’s Best Nursing Homes.

The rankings are based on five data sources, including performance data, peer recommendations, management of the COVID-19 situation and accreditations from The Joint Commission and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. For the first time, resident satisfaction data for nursing homes, based on National Safety Goals from The Joint Commission and Google Scores, has been added to the scoring model.

This is a tremendous honor for the community, especially since one of the data sources used to earn this ranking was from peer recommendations. For those who have been part of the Mountain Vista community, either as a resident or as a staff member, this recognition is well deserved. 

We recently asked some of our staff what they enjoy most about working at Mountain Vista. The unanimous consensus was the wonderful bonds they’ve formed not only with one another, but with the residents.  Here are some of the examples of what the Mountain Vista staff had to say:  “Priceless moments;” “more friends that I can count;” “so many wonderfu
l people under one roof;” “the wonderful residents I have grown to love;” “awesome coworkers who care.” 

Mountain Vista has a history of offering seniors and families choices for housing and health care services. The foundation of our mission ensures our number one priority remains the safety and well-being of residents. 

Again, we congratulate our staff members, past and present, who have worked to make our community a success. We look forward to another year of excitement, fun activities and new friendships. You can read the entire Newsweek article here:

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Mountain Vista’s parent company American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Annette Greely as the new President and Chief Executive Officer. Annette is stepping into the role of retiring CEO, Jeff Hongslo. Annette brings more than 20 years progressive leadership to ABHM with extensive experience in home and community-based services, adult day care, senior housing, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care. Annette most recently held the position of CEO at Jones Harrison Senior Living, located in Minneapolis, MN.

Annette states, “I look forward to my new role as CEO at ABHM.  Over the next several weeks I plan to visit each community and get to know the staff and residents that make each ABHM community unique.” Ms. Greely also holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and Master’s degree in Gerontology.

Eden Prairie, MN based ABHM would like to thank Mr. Jeff Hongslo for his twenty years of service to the organization and recognize his steady leadership as ABHM navigated the global pandemic.

All of ABHM looks forward to Annette’s leadership and as she continues ABHM’s 93-year tradition of providing quality housing and health care services to seniors and families.

American Baptist Homes of the Midwest is a not-for-profit provider of senior living and health care since 1930.

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Update 9-21-22:

All Visitors you have the potential to be exposed to SARS-COVID-2 in the Facility.

Mountain Vista Health Center has active positive COVID-19 case.

Indoor visitation during an outbreak response

Whether unvaccinated residents are known to be in close contact or are identified as a part of a broad-based outbreak response but not known to be in close contact: indoor Visitation should ideally occur only in the resident’s room, the resident and their visitor should wear well-fitting source control (if tolerated) and physically distance.

Source control and physical distancing recommendations should also be followed for Vaccinated residents.

Outdoor visitation is allowed, but residents should wear well-fitting source control (if tolerated), maintain physical distancing from others, and not linger in common spaces when moving from their rooms to the outdoors

Visitors should physically distance themselves from others while in the facility.

Visitors should visit with residents in single-person rooms; in multi-person rooms; or designated visitation areas when only the resident they are visiting with is present.

Visitors should physically distance themselves from the resident they are visiting unless the resident and all of their visitors are fully vaccinated, then they can choose to have physical contact with one another. Continue reading Current COVID-19 Update

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Say “Goodbye” to the paper forms and say, “Hello” to AccuShield, a leading innovative digital screening tablet that seamlessly checks-in and checks-out all visitors, staff and residents that come and go. The AccuShield will prompt for necessary regulatory questions, log arrival and exit times, scan for temperature and prints a one-time visitor badge. Here’s more information about this new process from Mountain Vista’s campus administrator, Carrie.

Our mission at Mountain Vista is to provide a safe environment for our residents and staff. We are excited to announce our partnership with Accushield, a digital visitor management system designed to enhance safety through an upgraded sign-in and sign-out process for all visitors, including family, friends, healthcare providers, and vendors. Accushield enables us to know who is in the community at all times, enhancing security for our residents and allowing us to be better prepared for evacuations and other emergencies.

An easy to use sign-in kiosk will replace the guest book at the front of our community starting July 9, 2021. All visitors must sign-in, receive a badge and sign-out when leaving. The badge worn by all visitors while in the community will help staff and residents to identify visitors who have signed in and to redirect any un-badged visitors to the front desk for sign-in.

Residents will also use the system to sign-out when they leave the building and sign-in upon their return.

There is no more important responsibility than maintaining the safest possible environment for our residents and staff. We ask for your support as we implement this safety enhancement.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your cooperation!

Carrie Escalante, NHA


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In this video, Shanna Eckberg, COO at Mountain Vista’s parent company ABHM, and Matt Reiners, Co-Founder of Eversound, (a company that creates listening technology for better engagement) discuss changes in senior living during the pandemic and those made at ABHM communities like Mountain Vista. 

Ms. Eckberg describes how ABHM adapted new methods of engaging residents and delivering services while maintaining a healthy and safe environment for residents. One key factor in the success of ABHM is the staff. Eckberg states, “The professionalism and dedication of the staff has never wavered. During these difficult times they always put our residents first and we want to recognize those efforts.”

Reiners and Eckberg also discuss the use of technology during the pandemic. Ms. Eckberg explained, “ABHM Communities encouraged residents and families to use technology and social media to stay connected. Maintaining relationships during these difficult times is vital to their wellbeing.”

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