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July 2021

Say “Goodbye” to the paper forms and say, “Hello” to AccuShield, a leading innovative digital screening tablet that seamlessly checks-in and checks-out all visitors, staff and residents that come and go. The AccuShield will prompt for necessary regulatory questions, log arrival and exit times, scan for temperature and prints a one-time visitor badge. Here’s more information about this new process from Mountain Vista’s campus administrator, Carrie.

Our mission at Mountain Vista is to provide a safe environment for our residents and staff. We are excited to announce our partnership with Accushield, a digital visitor management system designed to enhance safety through an upgraded sign-in and sign-out process for all visitors, including family, friends, healthcare providers, and vendors. Accushield enables us to know who is in the community at all times, enhancing security for our residents and allowing us to be better prepared for evacuations and other emergencies.

An easy to use sign-in kiosk will replace the guest book at the front of our community starting July 9, 2021. All visitors must sign-in, receive a badge and sign-out when leaving. The badge worn by all visitors while in the community will help staff and residents to identify visitors who have signed in and to redirect any un-badged visitors to the front desk for sign-in.

Residents will also use the system to sign-out when they leave the building and sign-in upon their return.

There is no more important responsibility than maintaining the safest possible environment for our residents and staff. We ask for your support as we implement this safety enhancement.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your cooperation!

Carrie Escalante, NHA


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