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Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community

Finding Senior Living Options Near You

Choosing to move out of a long-time home is one of the biggest decisions many seniors face in their later years. Whether they are looking for an independent living apartment and an active, worry-free lifestyle, or assistance with daily living tasks in an assisted living community, packing up and moving a lifetime of belongings can be an emotional experience for anyone.

However, it’s important for seniors to keep in mind that they are looking for a new home; a place where they will not only feel safe and have their needs attended to, but where they will be happy and comfortable. This is why it’s a smart decision to do some research; read online reviews of communities and see what others have to say first. Then, visit several senior living communities for personal tours.

6 Steps to Finding the Right Senior Living Community

Though it may be tempting to choose a community based on proximity to a current home or loved ones, or to simply choose the most affordable option, there are far more important factors to consider. First and foremost, consider the quality, safety and reputation of the community. Then, when touring the community, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Take note of the state of the building and grounds. When approaching the community, make sure there are outdoor gathering areas for residents to enjoy the fresh air, and note how well-maintained the parking lots, walkways and landscaping are. Inside, the reception area should be welcoming, and the hallways and communal areas bright and inviting. Instead of visiting during an open house event, schedule a tour on an off day to truly get an accurate “feel” for the community.
  2. Ask questions. Tour guides should be willing and happy to answer all questions that may arise. Ask about the meal plans and dining options, and if the kitchen takes special requests for dietary requirements. Learn about the community’s social activities and whether transportation is provided to off-campus appointments and events. Find out if visitors are allowed and if overnight accommodations can be provided for them. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, even if they seem unnecessary in the moment.
  3. Interact with staff and residents. Throughout the tour, talk with staff members as well as the residents. Is there a high staff-to-resident ratio? Does the team seem friendly, courteous and happy to be there? Do the residents look like they are engaged and energized, and are they interacting warmly with the staff? The happiness of current residents can speak volumes about the community.
  4. Seek feedback from residents. While talking to the residents, ask what they like most about living in the community. Or, look for reviews of the community on the internet to see what others are saying.
  5. Taste test the food. Quality of food is important to overall health and happiness; so if possible, join the residents for a meal. Find out what type of meal options are available as well as if the kitchen can accommodate special dietary restrictions or food allergies.
  6. Let instinct be the guide. Did one place seem more inviting and comfortable than others? Was the décor more appealing to personal tastes, and was the staff more welcoming? Were social activities offered that match individual interests? In the end, it’s important to make the choice that will provide the most comfortable experience, both now and in the future.

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