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Resident Testimonials

Dorothy Smith
“What I would say about Mountain Vista is that the staff is wonderful, the food is wonderful and all of the people who live here are very friendly. Really, the staff here are very kind and promptly assist anyone who needs it. I adore my apartment and I have one of the most spectacular views around. From downtown Denver to the mountains and in to Golden, at night it is gorgeous.”

Bryce Holloway
“I have lived at Mountain Vista for about a year now and find it a comfortable place to live. We are fortunate to have a very knowledgeable, incredible chef. I have found it’s hard to lose weight living here. There is a certain comradely that develops over time between the staff and those of us that live here and one thing for certain is that your list of friends grows and grows.”

Elizabeth Boeker
“Music is my first love and they do a great job providing interesting and varied entertainment. The staff is very observant, and prompt and eager to help. I enjoy living here.”

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