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Current COVID-19 Update

Update 9-21-22:

All Visitors you have the potential to be exposed to SARS-COVID-2 in the Facility.

Mountain Vista Health Center has active positive COVID-19 case.

Indoor visitation during an outbreak response

Whether unvaccinated residents are known to be in close contact or are identified as a part of a broad-based outbreak response but not known to be in close contact: indoor Visitation should ideally occur only in the resident’s room, the resident and their visitor should wear well-fitting source control (if tolerated) and physically distance.

Source control and physical distancing recommendations should also be followed for Vaccinated residents.

Outdoor visitation is allowed, but residents should wear well-fitting source control (if tolerated), maintain physical distancing from others, and not linger in common spaces when moving from their rooms to the outdoors

Visitors should physically distance themselves from others while in the facility.

Visitors should visit with residents in single-person rooms; in multi-person rooms; or designated visitation areas when only the resident they are visiting with is present.

Visitors should physically distance themselves from the resident they are visiting unless the resident and all of their visitors are fully vaccinated, then they can choose to have physical contact with one another.

 Visitation While Infectious

For the safety of the visitor, in general, residents should be encouraged to limit in-person visitation while they are infectious.  Counsel residents and their visitor(s) about the risks of an in-person visit.

Encourage use of alternative mechanisms for patient and visitor interactions such as video-call applications on cell phones or tablets, when appropriate.

Facilities should provide instruction, before visitors enter the resident’s room, on hand hygiene, limiting surfaces touched, and use of PPE according to current facility policy.

Visitors may only visit the resident room and minimize their time spent in other locations in the facility.

Pets other than ADA service animals should not be included in communal dining or group activities.

Number of Visitors Allowed Per Visit

Although there is no limit on the number of visitors that a resident can have at one time, visits should be conducted in a manner that adheres to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention and does not increase the risk to other residents.

Facilities should ensure that physical distancing can still be maintained during peak visitation. Also, facilities should avoid large gatherings (e.g., parties, events) where large numbers of visitors are in the same space at the same time and physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The facility should restrict the total number of visitors (according to the size of the facility in order to maintain core principles of infection prevention) as well as the number of visitors allowed per resident at one time. CDPHE generally recommends allowing no more than two visitors per resident per room.





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